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Connect business and finance people together with visual financial modelling that gives everyone the answers they need, when they need them.

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Forecastel’s unique visual approach provides a common model from which your whole team can prepare forecasts that support business decisions.

Bring more financial rigour to your decisions, support difficult prioritisation trade-offs, and improve communications with your board and investors.

Visual modelling

Stay in control of your financial model by highlighting the relationships within it, allowing richer, more robust, and more reusable models.

A shared truth

Let everyone quickly build new scenarios from a comprehensive, shared model of your business. Sensitive information can be hidden while still sharing the high-level results of a scenario.

Challenge your assumptions

Explore uncertainty bands for your assumptions and the impact they would have on your business.

Track your performance

Compare with actual results as they come in, updating your forecasts or identifying actions needed to stay on target.

core features

The features that make it possible

Visualise relationships between calculations in your model first, and the data they are applied to second, to reduce the chance of bugs and help you create richer models.

Model stocks of value and flows between them, explore the effects of viral feedback loops, delayed payoffs, and other complex dynamic systems.

Analyse a range of possible values for uncertain inputs, exploring the sensitivity that outputs such as ‘revenue’ or ‘runway’ have to them.

Create scenarios that let you easily see the impact that a change will have on your KPIs. For example, how will some increased hiring affect your runway?

Hide the sensitive details of a model (such as salaries) while still being able to test scenarios against the full model, behind the scenes.

Run monte-carlo simulations to test the compounding effect of uncertainties in your model, and to model probabilistic events.

Use gradient-descent to “work backwards” from desired KPIs to the inputs that would achieve them.


Getting started with Forecastel



Create a robust model of your business, starting from the templates provided.



Produce a baseline forecast for the coming year, to use as your budget.



As the year progresses and new questions arise, create corresponding scenarios and see the potential impact on your KPIs.

Forecastel is free for a limited time

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Forecastel is a new business forecasting tool being developed by Sam Minnée of Tangerine Labs. It is currently under active development and we are welcoming early-stage users to provide feedback and shape the next iteration of the product.

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